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 rules..... MUST FALLOW

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PostSubject: rules..... MUST FALLOW   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:55 am

hey guy's this is cody the creator of this web site here. i have specific rules for the the site, it took me a long time to make and still am not done. i was given special rules to provide by when making this site. if broken the web site will get terminated completely.

I was only given a couple but they can be broken down into many different styles ways, etc.....

1) abuse
- mental
- physical
- verbal

2) violence
- telling people your going to kick there butt
- this is a weird rule, you guy's can play around. Although you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT take it too car it will not be tolerated and you will be flagged and put on a porbationary period where you can not get on this site for a number of day's depending on what the administration decides. this depends on how serious the offence is.

- if this continues to be miss treated numerous of times you WILL be terminated from the site FOREVER.

3) name calling
- wont be tolerated
- if we have to warn you more than once you will get a 2 day suspension.
- say somone is mad, And you must use a cuss word, make up a different word for short
- example: ass <----> booty.

rules number 1 and 3 were stressed to me big time. we got one shot at this guy's make it happen, were on a probationary period with the surver host. DONT MESS THIS UP FOR US!!

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rules..... MUST FALLOW
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